Company Profile

Data Center Services Inc. (DCS) began operations in 2007 providing professional IT services in environments within the Department of Defense. The services provided include architectural design, strategic planning, performance analysis and capacity planning, complex solution design and implementation, security compliance and auditing, identity management using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) including External Certificate Authority (ECA) certificate processing.

Specific Skillset

  • Virtualization with VMware, became VMware Enterprise Partner in 2007. Worked with VMware from its’ first workstation product, to GSX server, and now on to ESXi and vSphere designing cloud environments with VMWare OpenStack.
  • Worked extensively with PKI identity systems design and implementation including work with ECA vendors building systems utilizing medium hardware assurance tokens.
  • Extensive experience with performance and capacity analysis from full data centers to enclaves within a datacenter and individual servers using analytical modeling techniques and industry best practices.
  • In-depth experience in hosting and colocation facilities technical operations and including remote access management and implementation.
  • Experience with DoD/NIST security compliance implementation, auditing, and remediation.
  • Experience with remote management and access methodologies including mobile platforms.
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