Consulting Services

Data Center Services Inc. (DCS) specializes in providing professional cyber security consulting and training services to government and private sector clients. Our mission is to become a key strategic partner with all of our clients by providing results oriented services that are based on industry best practices to reduce risk, improve information security, and reduce the overall cost of implementation. Our staff includes experienced, well trained, and industry certified professionals. Our corporate philosophy is to partner with industry leading vendors and cyber security organizations to interpret current and future cyber threats and provide our clients with industry “Best Practices” based solutions along with relevant cyber security training.

The services we provide can be broken down into several key strategic categories which include:

  • OpenStack Cloud Architectural Design and Implementation
  • Cloud Environment Security Assessment
  • Mobile Device Management Solutions
  • Mobile Application Security Analysis and Evaluation
  • Auditing Regulatory Compliance for IT Systems and Policies
  • Creation of Policy Based Extensible Configuration Checklist Description Format (XCCDF) XML files.
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing
  • PKI Based Identity Management Design and Implementation

OpenStack Cloud Architectural Design and Implementation

DCS has extensive experience working with virtualization including OpenStack based cloud environments and security products in high security environments. We have taken that experience and developed solutions that provide secure cloud capability using industry standard PKI and encryption technology along with industry standard virtualization products. DCS custom cloud solutions include private and hybrid clouds. We also work with clients in implementing secure public cloud deployments.

Cloud Environment Security Assessment

A core benefit of a hosted cloud solution is to leverage the economies of scale in technology that could not be realized within a traditional IT environment due to budget or skillset. A key technology that can be leverage in this way is the security infrastructure. Many organizations don’t have the budget or lack the skill to implement sophisticated industry standard security infrastructures that exist in large scale data center operations. However operating in a hosted cloud environment may allow for usage of such technology. A key requirement when operating in a hosted cloud environment is to be able to measure change in the environment as well as monitor security policy and regulatory compliance. DCS can provide the skillset necessary to develop an ongoing configuration compliance and change identification process for a cloud environment.

Mobile Device Management Solutions

Mobile device management is becoming a significant factor in enterprise security posture. With the migration to a more mobile workforce, organizations are facing major questions including whether to issue secure organizational mobile assets managed at the enterprise level or to adopt a “bring you own device” (BYOD). DCS can help an organization evaluate the options and provide expertise in developing and deploying corporate standards for secure mobile access to organizational assets.

Mobile Application Security Analysis and Evaluation

In addition to managing mobile devices it is also critical to ensure applications running on mobile devices are not creating security issues by not protecting critical information. DCS provides a service of security evaluation of mobile applications running on both Apple and Android platforms.

Auditing Regulatory Compliance for IT Systems and Policies

A key element of a secure environment is the development and implementation of an organizational security policy. The organizational security policy is driven by a risk analysis of the information systems and threats to those systems. With extensive experience designing and managing high security environments DCS can provide valuable insight creation, implementation, auditing, and compliance monitoring of corporate policies. Our specialization is focused on implementation of NIST 800-53 compliant systems.

NIST Guide for Applying the Risk Management Framework to Federal Information Systems

Risk Management Framework to Federal Information Systems (NIST Special Publication 800-37)

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

Performing routine standardized vulnerability assessments and remediation is a core fundamental cyber security concept that is a key element in securing the IT environment. DCS works with our clients to develop ongoing operational procedures for performing routine vulnerability assessments and vulnerability remediation. We also offer baseline vulnerability assessments to provide situational awareness current state of cyber preparedness. As a compliment to vulnerability assessments we offer Penetration Testing that gauge the effectiveness of the overall cyber defenses.

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