Company Profile

Data Center Services Inc. (DCS) began operations in 2007 providing professional IT services in environments within the Department of Defense. The services provided include architectural design, strategic planning, performance analysis and capacity planning, complex solution design and implementation, security compliance and auditing, identity management using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) including External Certificate Authority (ECA) certificate processing.

In September 2014 DCS began working with cloud technology as part of its service offerings with Department of Defense (DoD) clients. As part of this move into DoD cloud technology DCS began revising its service offerings tailoring them to meet the DoD customer demand in the cloud arena. The uniqueness of the DoD cloud environments, particularly impact level 4 and 5 (IL4, IL5), required DCS to develop IL4 and IL5 specialized skills.

In August 2018 DCS became a direct reseller of Microsoft Azure cloud services specializing in direct sales to the US Government. DCS is providing “Pay-as-you-Go” cloud services providing flexibility and efficiency in implementing cloud solutions to US government customers. DCS “Pay-as-you-Go” services include detailed financial control platform complete with budgeting and financial forecasting capability, 7×24 infrastructure support services with complete ticketing system, a library of NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) compliant deployable templates, an infrastructure orchestration platform to streamline secure cloud operations, and complete array of government specific cloud training course.

DCS is also expanding its cloud service offerings to include multiple cloud providers including Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Specialized Skillset

  • DoD cloud access point (CAP) implementation (required in IL4 and IL5 environments)
  • Detailed financial analysis of varying options available to DoD clients pursuing cloud migration .
  • Extensive experience with implementation of the core components of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Secure Cloud Computing Architecture (SCCA). The core components make up the Virtual Data Center Security Stack (VDSS) and the Virtual Data Center Managed Services (VDMS).
  • Developing methods and procedures for maintaining chain of custody during data and system migration to IL4 and IL5 environments .
  • Development and implementation of orchestration platforms to facilitate the implementation of infrastructure as code deployments across multiple cloud providers.
  • Development and execution of DoD/NIST security compliance implementation, auditing, and remediation in cloud environments.
  • Experience with remote management and access methodologies including mobile platforms.