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Data Center Services, Inc. Initiates Cloud Initiative

September 1, 2018
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Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Certification Class available in February

January 5, 2016
This course is designed to provide the student with a detailed presentation of industry standard cloud security concepts along with hands on experience in installing and configuring a working cloud environment. Each student will install and configure an OpenStack cloud implementation on an Intel NUC device that the student will take with them at the conclusion of the class. The course is also designed to align with the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK and ISC2 CCSP certifications to all help prepare the student for those certification exams.


Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Certification Class available in November

Intel-NUC_xsmAugust 23, 2015
Participants in the upcoming Cloud Security Alliance Certification class receive an Intel NUC, loaded with a secure Cloud during the course. Details to come.



Data Center Services Inc. renews contract with Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS)
August 1, 2015
Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS) supports over 800 U.S. Army dining facilities worldwide and ensures operational and supply chain consistency for soldier subsistence.

Data Center Services Inc. announces Security+ certification training
June 8, 2015
Data Center Services announces the offering of the Security+ certification training session schedule for the week of August 3, 2015.

Data Center Services Inc. a premium CompTIA member

April 26, 2015
Data Center Services Inc. has officially joined the CompTIA organization as a premium member.

Data Center Services, Inc. awarded US Army contract

September 23, 2014
Data Center Services, Inc. was awarded a labor contract with the US Army Software Engineering Center located at Fort Lee, Virginia to redesign and implement VMWare based “site-to-site” SAN replication process.

Data Center Services signs support contract with McLane Advanced Technologies

August 13, 2014
Data Center Services signs support contract with McLane Advanced Technologies in Support of the US Army Food Information System (AFMIS). The support contract includes re-engineering AFMIS operational processes and hardware implementation to support the migration of the AFMIS application from a US Army based system to a DoD enterprise solution with eventual migration to a centralized secure DoD cloud platform.

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